New build-900 dollars please help with parts

Will this build work?

is gtx 670 good enough for my needs? I want to play ultra settings with everything absolutely maxed out on a 27 inch monitor 1080 asus monitor. I do not want to spend over 900 dollars. I am willing to go up to a thousand but thats it with taxes/shipping. Will the parts I picked work. I am at 900 currently with this build.
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  1. I cant imagine that the GTX 670 wouldn't be good enough.

    There is a problem with your choice in motherboard however. Simply put, its an H61 mobo. This chipset does not support overclocking, which means, you're wasting money buying a "K" (overclockable processor). You would be better off either spending more money on a Z68 or Z77 chipset motherboard, or a cheaper non-K CPU like an i5-2400/3450.

    Also, the power supply you have chosen is an absolutely horrible choice.
  2. This would be a better balanced system, you can change the video card to a GTX 670 if you want, but it may put you over your price range. Your call, I used a 7870 video card instead, its a very powerful graphics card, but yes the 670 is better.

    -Better hard drive
    -better power supply
    -better motherboard that supports overclocking
    -Different CPU, and better CPU cooler.

    Is this build better? Is overclocking a huge difference?
  4. For gaming? not really. Most games are limited by the video card not the CPU. But overclocking is fun to play with I suppose. Check out the build I did and see what you think.
  5. any difference between the 2500k and 3570k?

    Also is 7970 good enough for playing any game on ultra settings with all settings set to the absolute max? I am willing to push it to 1k if the 100 dollars added to the graphics card is really worth it.
  6. That really depends on what resolutions you're playing in and what kind of monitor you're playing on. If you're playing on a VGA monitor, than even a 7870 is a waste. That being said, I can't imagine you'd have any complaints with a 7870 card at fully maxed settings.

    The difference between the 2500K and 3570K, is cost more or less for gaming. The 3570K is a newer generation processor, but is somewhat a bust for gamers, in that it doesn't even offer a 1% performance improvement over 2500Ks. For everything else, productivity (video editing, media encoding, etc) its about a 6% improvement across the board on average.

    The 3570K at stock speeds uses less electricity than a 2500K but even that is minimal (not enough to jusfity the extra up front cost generally), and when you overclock them, they use just as much power as 2500Ks.

    Back to the GTX 670, I would consider it to be the best gaming card on the market right now, yes the 680 is technically better, but its barely any better and really not worth the extra money over the 670. My feeling is the GTX 680 despite its performance is probably one of the biggest failures in Nvidia history, considering they "launched" it, had supply issues with their GPU manufacturer, and then a couple months later of GTX 680s being impossible to find due to supply, they release the 670 and it benches almost as well for a lot less. But, I digress.
  7. I will be using a 27 inch asus 1080 p 1928*1080 monitor.
  8. If you want to increase your budget, yea the GTX 670 is the superior choice. But like I said, I cant imagine you'd have any gripes with a 7870.

    Heres a direct compare of how they stack up against each other:
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