Radeon HD4570 crashing because of heat?

Hello, I'm having a crash problem with my laptop computer.

I'm running a Sony VGN-SR with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570. When I start up a game (tribes ascend), it will run fine for about 30 seconds then the computer powers off. No error message. Just lights out. Sounds like a heating problem, right?

So, I've logged my GPU temp and it normally sits at about 50-60celcius, but spikes up past 100 degrees in that very short period. Any suggestions? Vent is unclogged, fan sounds like it's working smooth, and I have my laptop on a table that should distribute heat well.

Any suggestions for how to address the problem? Thanks for the help.

Information at shutdown below:
GPU Core Clock [680.0 MHz], GPU Memory Clock [796.5MHz], GPU Temperature [114.0°C], Fan Speed (100%), GPU Load [87%], GPU Temp.(DISPIO) [115.0°C], GPU Temp.(MEMIO) [103.0°C], GPU Temp.(SHADERCORE) [-163.0°C], Memory Usage (Dedicated) [211MB], Memory Usage (Dynamic) [54MB] , VDDC [1.200V]

EDITED: (Jryan, you were right, my program wasn't accurate but I fixed it now).
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  1. It's definitely not heat. If you're only hitting 60C at load, you are very fortunate; most are built to hit at least 100C. Are you sure the program you are using is accurate? Try furmark; it stresses beyond almost any game and logs temp simultaneously.
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