Undecided (7850 vs 7870 vs GTX670)

Basically, I am looking for two things in a new card: the best deal for my money, and longevity. I don't plan on upgrading again in the new future, and I won't mind lowering my graphics eventually, but I would enjoy ultra settings for the time being. So I have three options I have been looking at
AMD HD7850 - ~$250
AMD HD7870 - ~$320
Nvidia GTX670 - ~$400

The GTX670 is definitely at the top end of my budget, but if it really is the best deal for my money, and will outlast the other two cards greatly, then I would be willing to pay the extra. However, with the 7850, if I ever did see the need for more performance I could upgrade to a crossfire setup. So I am quite undecided and would love to hear some input.
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  1. single 670
  2. From what I've read, the gtx670 is the best bang for buck but that's mostly been compared to the gtx680. I'm running a 670 at the moment and can vouch for its wonderfullness. Of course you may be better off buying a cheaper card and slinging the left over cash at system memory.
  3. If your able to get the GTX 670. Go for it. The performance is great and a cut above the rest right now.
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