My Optiplex gx240 small form is running off ATI 128 pro ultra AGP and I would like to change it a pci card but when i place the card in the pci slot and re move the agp card the screen stays dark. I checked the bios but these bios don't have the uptodate function. like F10 to save and so on. There is no grahics card on and off ether, the only thing is on or auto thats it. I would like to replace it with a 3d ati rage but I can not find a small form card for this pc so I have a pci card to use. How to get this pc to read the pci card and not the agp?
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  1. Most of the time adjustments are only needed when there is both an AGP and a PCI card in the same system. There is a setting in the system setup which tells the computer which device it should use if and only if there are two or more devices in the system. It's basically a priority switch between the AGP card and the PCI card. Without an AGP card, it should automatically initialize the PCI card.

    With that said, AGP and PCI cards are long past the end of their lives and its possible that such an old PCI card or the PCI slot is no longer functional.
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