8800gts problems

the the problem i having is that my 8800gts will only display in my second sli slot.
when i put in the first one nothing like its not even there but in the background after a little bit i hear the windows chime, so i think windows booted up with no video...

before doing this: i had a gt520 as primary video and a 8500gt i was useing as a physx card, was just messing around, but any ways i took out both cards and put the 8800gts i just baught used in and it would not bootup in slot 1 of 2 pci-e slots i have i put in the second and it boots up fine ,but it runs in 8x not 16x ....
i went into bios and forgot i set it to sli so i could see the physx card when i was messing around ..
i switched it bach before i installed the 8800gts and there was no video ,would not respond,
how do i get my slot 1 back

system specs:

m2n-sli motherboard with bois 802 ?dont know what bois i need i dont want to mess it up never done it before if some one could give me a like and some sdvice i could do it ...
amd athlon x2 6400+3.2ghz proc.
4gb ddr2
500gb sata hard drive
bfg geforce 8800gts 512mb
750w ken tec modular power supply
i know my system is old , im giving it to my son before u build a new or buy a new system

ill post pictures or a video of all my bio screens..
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  1. The First PCI-E lane should be the default Lane, so have you tried going into the BIOS and just reverting all settings to default (should be a hotkey like F10 or something).
    You may have set the PCI-E boot device to Lane 2.
  2. yea i set everything to default, then i had to put my old card back it because the gts8800 would not respond.i went into bois and switch it from singal to dual and it worked again in slot 2 , slot 1 will not work but it will work with the old card, i can only get 8x on the 8800 alone but when i put try the old card in slot 1 and take out the 8800 i get 16x from the gt520 w i just dont understand ...

    it cant be a pwer issuse i dont think because it works in slot 2..
    i can put the old card in mainslot and 8800 in scondary spot it works fine i see both cards and i can set the 8800 as physx if i want ..... i have a m2n-sli mobo with 802 bios i kow its old and what # should i update it too theres like 4 of them???can could this be the issue, or do i need to do somekinda jumping...
  3. So the GTS250 works in both the 1st and 2nd slot, but the 8800GTS only works in the second slot?

    Try updating the BIOS to the latest version.

    Just so you know a PCI-E 2.0 lane running at 8x is more than enough bandwidth for a 8800GTS
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