PNY geForce 9400gt gpu PCIE16 ver2.0

can I solder a svideo tv out connector to my PNY geForce 9400gt gpu PCIE16 ver2.0 that has all the pin holes to do it?
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  1. fine.
  2. so...xtreme5,do u think it will work?
  3. explain in more detail so that i can tell you exact answer?
  4. ok I want to desolder a svideo out connector from a broken video card and solder it to the PNY geForce 9400gt card that is working.It has VGA and DVI outs and is missing the 3rd out which should be the svideo out. It's supposed to have a svideo out but PNY left it off for some unknown reason, yet the correct arrangement of the pinholes to attach a svideo out connector was left blank by PNY. Could it be as simple as soldering a svideo connector to the card and Viola I will have 3 outs VGA,DVI, and SVIDEO, Do you think it will work?
  5. not sure.
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