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[SOLVED] Will I need to upgrade my PSU??

I'm buying a new motherboard and cpu for my computer as well as adding extra ram and I need to know if my current PSU will be able to handle the new equipment however I don't currently know how to tell how many watts my PSU runs on.

Once I find that out I also need to know how to tell if the PSU I have is capable of running the new equipment.

EDIT: Sorry for posting this one up, I didn't read the stickied section up the top before I posted.
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  1. The critical part is to know what parts you are talking about and of course the size and make of the PSU
  2. These are the parts I'll be working with.

    ASUS P8H77-M LE Motherboard

    Intel Core i5 3470

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 520

    Now for the PSU I'd rather one of these two. My older brother just said shoot clear and go for around 750W to be safe.

    Thermaltake Litepower 700W (Preferred because it's cheaper)


    CoolerMaster GX 750W PSU
  3. Both PSU's are crap and your system will run on a 350-400watt PSU. Corsair cx430
  4. How is the PSU you suggested better than the ones I linked?
  5. Way better than the one that u found out.

    1 More thing why u need that GPU with that CPU.

    Are u going to game ?
  6. Yeah, I'll be doing lots of gaming. I eventually intent to upgrade the GPU later on to something with maybe double the power. So I would think going for a PSU that is more than capable of handling what I'll be running at first would be a smart move.
  7. Well a550/650 W Psu will be enough. Xfx Core Edition 550W is 54$ and 64$ 650W .

    I suggest getting the 650W and maybe down the road get a powerful GPU. What is your monitor resolution cuz maybe im pushing to far with PSU and GPU.
  8. I thought monitor res depends on the graphics card.
  9. Yes but if u dont have a big monitor u dont need powerful GPU that means no need of big PSU
  10. I do need the graphics card I've chosen, I'm gonna be playing Planetside 2 quite a lot and that's a really demanding game.
  11. You have choosen a Gt 520 ....... Thats not a powerful card . U need at least a 7770 to play it decently.

    Again what is your monitor resoultion ?
  12. Again, this card is only temporary. I will be changing it later when I get more money. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    Ok :)

    I suggest getting a 550W Xfx Pro core or 650W.

    And the card based on your resolution.
  14. Just on a side note, the NVIDIA GT 520 is apparently more than enough according to the requirements you need to meet in order to play the game smoothly. The minimum requirements in terms of your gpu is way lower, but at that stage its barely playable.
  15. You are saying that your gpu is better than mine ? -.-

    What games are u going to play ?

    Whatever u will u need to lower settings to low and have a low resolution
  16. The GT520 is no where close to GTS250 in performance maybe on level with 8600GT
    Most newer cards will run fine on a 500-550watt PSU so if you are upgrading your GPU that is a good size to look at.
  17. No, I meant that on PlanetSide 2's website, they state that they require at least a NVIDIA GT 500 in order to play the game smoothly. I have a GT 520... So I assumed I was in the clear. I still will be upgrading so the 550W Xfx Pro Core will probably end up just right!

    Besides, two people are saying the same thing in terms of wattage, so it must be right! Thanks guys!
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