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I'm shopping at the moment and I have this mobo According to this article, it can only run AM3 95W processors, but i need to know if its possible for me to run an AM3 125W processor with an upgraded PSU. If not, Which is the most powerful CPU I could get for my requirements.
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  1. No 125watt regardless of PSU. X4 945 or X6 1045 are 95watt.
  2. Afriad not. Your motherboard only supports 95W cpus. Any more and it wouldnt work. Even if you upgraded the PSU, it doesnt matter. Its about how much power the Motherboard can supply the CPU.

    AFAIK the AMD Phenom II X4 945 is 95W. Any higher number pushes it into the 125W mark. Have a gander at the supported CPU list for the motherboard. It should give you a good idea on what to look for.

    Unless anyone else can give better advice :)

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    PSU won't improve the motherboard's ability to feed current to the CPU socket or deal with the extra heat of 125W unit.

    For multi-threaded applications, the 1045t will be the most "power" you can get for that board.

    However, for gaming, the higher clock speed of a 3 or 4 core 95w chip will help more.
  4. Alrighty. Im just trying to find the absolute best for my restraints. Phenom II X4 960T Zosma was what i was looking at, but couldnt find it on any website.
  5. Also, would any of the possible upgrades make it worth while as i currently have a athlon II x4 635, or should i invest in a new mobo alltogether?
  6. If that's what you have now, then not worth it for gaming.

    If you are using multi-threaded applications, the 6-core 1045t would be a good bump, but most games will never touch the extra cores.
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