Gtx 480 sli problems

Heres my situation i have 2 gtx 480's in sli and can get it to run well for a while but then it will freeze and ill get these white squares all over my monitor.When i run each card singley they run fine so im thinking for sure niether card is deffective.Ive tried 4 different drivers to no avail.I have different brands of 480's though which is what i believe is causing the issues i know its not common for this to happen though.I have the galaxy super overclocked edition along with the gigabyte super overclocked edition.I ran both cards in sync on the evga precision tool so all the clocks and everything are the same.Im almost to the point of trying to flash my galaxy with the gigabyte bios.Has anyone ever had 2 different brand cards act up like this when in sli?
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  1. Hey

    Have you monitored the temps of both cards when you get the issue?

    And what power supply are you using?
  2. yep i run about 80 c with top card and 70-75 with bottom.I have a rosewill lightning 1300 watt psu should beable to quad sli if i wanted lol.
  3. That is strange, something is unstable hence the artifacting, you could try flashing one of the cards to the same BIOS as the other if you feel comfortable doing so, although I've never come across compatibility issues based on brand.

    Are you able to try both cards in SLI in another machine?
  4. figured out my cards were not syncing right all is good now ty for the help
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