5-10 FPS with Nvidia 3XX.XX drivers on a GTX 580?

Hello there,

I have a strange problem. Everytime I try one of nvidias 3XX.XX drivers, I get about 5-10 FPS in every game. The stuttering makes it unplayable.

I now use 296.10 and have good framerates in all games.

My specs are:

GTX 580 (asus matrix)
i5 2500k
16 GB ram

The problem only occurs with the 3XX.XX drivers, switching back immidiatly fixes the stuttering.

What could it be? I tried disabling vsync bu it doesnt help.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. Sounds like a bug in the drivers to me. Nvidia updates them remarkably frequently (thus the insane version number in the triple digits), so I'd just keep the ones you have that work fine and try again with latest in a month.
  2. leave it a month or two for improving and removing bugs, when it's test out successfully then install it.
  3. Ok thank you two. I guess they arent labeled as "beta" without a reason.
  4. may be it is still on working progress.
  5. I found a solution for this problem.

    It is a problem with OCd cards. The Asus Matrix 580 I have is factory overclocked to 816 Mhz. Running at 816 "rewarded" me with 5-10 fps in all games. Going down to the default clock of a 580 (772 mhz) fixed this issue immidiately.

    I have found out that I can go up as high as 799 on the core with good performance. 805 Mhz, for example, resulted in the old stuttering.

    Strange. :)
  6. the newer drivers are having some problem in the starting but as the time goes on the driver bugs and issues are being fixed.:)
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