Should I get a new Power Supply?

Hello all,

Currently my system consist of a I5 3570K, 16 gigs of DDR3 1600 RAM, a 550 Ti, 2 TB WD Green Drive, a DVD R/W, my case is a BUC 101 InWIN mid tower with 3 case fans. I would like to upgrade to a 7950/670 soon. The power calculators and threads I've seen state that my Corsair CX500 will be able to run this. My question is will I been cutting the requirement too close or should I get something bigger just to be safe?

Thank You
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  1. Your Corsair CX500 should do the job just fine. Is this the CX500 V2 ?
  2. Medal0,

    It is. With the video cards I'm considering as far as I understand I can not support them with the current one. I went ahead and ordered the 850W Corsair one. I made out good though, my friend will by my 500W off me for about what I paid for it because I've only had it a few weeks :)
  3. That's good then. At least you get some money back and a peace of mind with regards to PSU as well.

    Good decision I think
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