My Final Gaming Build - How did I do?

Alright, so the past week I've been looking for deals for a gaming computer, that I will also use as my every day machine. This means I will be using it for video editing, fraps, office stuff, general web browsing, and gaming.

I wanted to get around a $750 Build, and I wanted to get the most bang for my buck.
Below is a list of my components. How do you think I did?

CPU - Core i5 3550 - - 199.99$
RAM - G.SKILL 8GB DDR3 2133 - - 49.99$
MOBO - ASUS P8H77 - - 94.99$
PSU - XFX 450w Single Rail - - 45.98$
GPU - MSI 2GB 7850 Overclocked - - $209.99
CASE - Rosewill FUTURE Gaming Case - 4 Fans - - 44.99$
SSD - Crucial M4 128GB - - $119.99
OPT - ASUS DVDRW - - 16.99$

I also have a spare 7200RPM 1TB HDD.

Total Price: 782.91$

Edit: Forgot to mention I run at 1920x1080.
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  1. should work just fine
  2. Maybe a little more power on the PSU.
  3. Measured power consumption R7850

    System in IDLE = 160W
    System Wattage with GPU in FULL Stress = 256W
    Difference (GPU load) = 96W
    Add average IDLE wattage ~10W
    Subjective obtained GPU power consumption = ~ 106 Watts

    i5 3550 max load is 69-128watts.

    with 150 watts left over at max consumption possible, do you think I am in danger of needing a new PSU?

    the psu is single rail continuous power, so i guess that means i get all 450 watts to use
  4. Nice build,just my opinion,keep us posted.
  5. ooooh, okay. you had me worried.

    thanks man!
  6. I would make these changes:


    For $4.01 more, you get a 600W supply thats hybrid modular


    For $3 less, you get RAM with quicker timings, and runs at 1.5v. I have heard 1.5v is the max for Intel, but I could be wrong on this. Either way I would not get the sniper. Just because it says 2133 doesnt mean it will run at 2133. This just means that in their test enviroment they were able to maintain 2133. Will you be able to maintain 2133? absolutely not with your current build. You may get to 1866, but I would even doubt that.


    For $15 more, you get the K series i5 Ivy Bridge.


    $30 more, you get a motherboard with at least twice as many features, and the option to overclock. You cannot overclock the H77 motherboard and asus should burn in hell for making "H" series motherboards.


    Lets face it they just need to sell CPU's without heatsink/fans $20
  7. PSU

    For $4.01 more, you get a 600W supply thats hybrid modular < agree
  8. Lets face it they just need to sell CPU's without heatsink/fans < i agree most stock is useless
  9. Had one more edit commenting about the RAM.
  10. ahhyep listen to DarkOutlaw he has some valid points and great suggestions.
  11. just get generic 1600mhz ram 1.5v
  12. He may not be able to reach max frequency on the RAM, but he'll certainly be able to run it at 1600 with significantly tighter timings. That deal on the G.SKILL Sniper is great, I'd stick with that. Also, the 'maximum memory voltage' is 1.5V, but there's really no harm in running 1.6V. It's not going to melt your CPU or anything. Edit: Not to mention, he could undervolt it to 1.5V and likely still be able to run with tight timings at either 1333 or 1600.

    Personally, my suggestion is to drop the SSD and spend that money towards getting the 3570k/2500k and a nice Z77 motherboard. Save up for a while, and then purchase a nice 256GB solid-state - prices will have likely fallen a little by then.

    Please, please, please get a different PSU. XFX is a great brand, there's no doubt - but 450W is not going to leave you any headroom at all (especially if you get an unlocked CPU). The OCZ ModStream Pro listed above is a pretty good PSU, but I'm more partial to something like the Corsair TX650-V2. It is more expensive and non-modular, but it's more efficient and of better build quality than the ModStream.

    Just a thing to note about PSUs: don't pick one based on what you need to run the parts you buy the first time - get something that leaves you headroom to upgrade, and still not run at 100% capacity.

    Because power supplies don't run at 100% capacity - that ModStream, for example, runs at 80% capacity. The Corsair at about 85%.
  13. Corsair TX650-V2 < nice PSU , thats the one i have.
  14. xfx xxx 750w is nice too. i have it myself
  15. You shouldn't get 2133 RAM, you just need 1600 or 1333 is enough. And HELL NO ASUS H Series motherboard! You should get ASUS P8Z77-V LK If you plan to keep your PSU more than 1 year, take a better PSU I bet this will over $800.
  16. he didnt get a unlocked chip so z77 is almost useless. the h77v about as much features as the z77v minus the oc
  17. Dood...why do you think we are telling him to get an unlocked chip...
  18. if he doesnt want to, theres not much point in doing so.

    plus, if he is cmpletely unfamiliar, he might just screw his chip over
  19. Thats why we have guides and forums to ask questions and educate.
  20. I was completely clueless with OCing, but I learned in one day.
  21. i just read wiki and went onto YouTube afterwards so i wouldnt fry my chip
  22. I used OCN's OCing guide. :)
  23. azeem40 said:
    I was completely clueless with OCing, but I learned in one day.

    Now Azerm, would you say that OCing is difficult and worth it?
  24. Not difficult, but it is questionable whether or not it is worth it.
  25. intel is just being a a$$ since all they charge 20 dollars for just flipping a switch
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