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So im purchasing a computer with fx4100 quad core CPU. I was wondering where does that stand in terms of processors. I dont quite get the "fx4100" thing if its anything but a brand name or model. What I assume is that a quad core processor is good but there's new processors such as the I3, 5, 7. Are those better? And does the number represent the number of processors it has? Sorry for the newbie question, i dont know much.
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  1. i7 is a quad core CPU that uses "hyperthreading" to do a pretty good impression of 8 cores.

    i5 is a quad core without the hyperthreading feature.

    i3 is a dual core with hyperthreading that emulates a quad core.

    FX4100 has two pairs of "modules" that share resources.

    Generally speaking, Intel's "i" series CPU's outperform AMD's FX CPU's. (Although AMD may have found a price-point-gap in Intel's game recently with their new "Pile Driver" FX chips. -like the FX6300 )
  2. Here's a chart, it only takes gaming performance into account, though.,3106-5.html

    Note: There's a new generation of AMD (FX) CPUs out there, which is the FX x3xxx series. Like FX 4300, 6300, 83xx.

    Check this thread, too.
  3. Thanks guys
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