Will this PSU be compatible with this GPU?

Forget about all the "why choose this PSU when you could go with this, etc, etc" I just really need to know something about the pins/connectors and all for this combo.

PSU: http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx?S=1308&ID=2045
GPU: Radeon 4850 512MB

Will the GPU actually work with it? Or am I completely clueless and this is not even an issue... sorry, connectors and all has never been my good spot.
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  1. A Radeon HD 4850 requires one 6-pin PCI Express Supplementary Power Connector.

    I don't see one of those connectors on that power supply unit.

    Also Thermaltake doesn't publish any specifications for that power supply unit.

    For the Radeon HD 4850 it is preferable that the power supply have a combined +12 Volt maximum continuous current rating of 24 Amps or greater and have at least one 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector.
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