Good silent gaming PC under 1000€

I am building new gaming pc as confirmation gift, and it will be my first self built pc, and I need some advices.


Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7850, 2GB | 257€
I5 2500K 3,3GHz | 229€
AsRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 | 142€
G.Skill 8GB Dual Kit Ripjaws X (2x4GB) | 54€
Corsair 600W CX V2 Builder Series | 65€
Fractal Design Define R3 | 89€
Seagate 2TB Barracuda, SATA III, 7200RPM, 64MB | 114€

Total price: 950€

In the future, I might be getting dual GPU,
And I will be overclocking the GPU, but not CPU at least for a meanwhile
So how does the rig sond like?
Are all the parts compatible and silent?
And should I consider buying aftermarket CPU cooler to make it more silent, or is the stock one silent/good enough, agan I will not be overclocking the cpu, and if I will, the I'll get new cooler but for now I'd like to stay with stock one to save money.

And is the Seagate barracuda good HDD? I will be gaming and recording, but SDDs and Raptors are too expensive.

It would be great if the rig was silent eough so my little brother could sleep while I'm surfing the net or even gaming.

Thank you so much for your help!
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  1. It's nice though why not go for the newer Ivy chips?

    If you're not overclocking just get the i5-3450.
  2. Newer Ivy chips=price right? Also what are the main differences between Ivy and Sandy?
    And I would like to get more likely i5 2500k becouse it is faster at stock, and in the future I might actually overclock if I just watch some tutorials and stuff. But stock speed is fine for start. And I would like to know if there is any bottlenecks in the parts :)
  3. Actually the 3450 is cheaper than 2500K and should be about the same speed at stock clocks, since the 2500K is clocked a bit higher but the Ivy is faster per clock ;)

    The parts are all good. Where are you buying BTW?
  4. Stick with the stock cooler if you're looking for more quiet.
  5. Ok I will go with stock cooler, and I will buy parts from Jimm's pc store or Verkkokauppa (I bet you don't know these, I live in Finland and that's why my english sucks) Can't decide becouse in Jimm's there is free shippng but parts are lttle bit more expensive than in Verkkokauppa, but in Verkkokaupa shipping costs :)
  6. Oh check this!:
    It seems tht 1600 memory is no supported with 2500k, is that right? If i'd go with 2500k, then I'll have to change to 1333MHz memory, but right now it seems that 3450 is not a bad choice :)
  7. Well intel uses XMP profiles for ram, which is basically overclocking profiles, so if you get a 2500k you would set the ram to it's XMP profile under the BIOS, that's about it.
  8. Yeah, higher than 1333 is not supported but it still works.
  9. what about i5 3570k? Ivy bridge, but is it worth 10-20€ more?
  10. Not if you're not overclocking.
  11. I said I might be overclocking, but not yet. But when I started watching videos, I realised that it's not a big deal, so Ithink I might be overclocking xD So i5 3570k worth a little more and will the gpu bottleneck?
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