Gtx 670 & 3dmark 11

Lemme first get my system out of the way, im using..

gtx670 evga ref model
8gb gskill ram
samsung 830 series ssd

Ran a stock benchmark test and scored a combined 7843 that seemed kinda low after seeing scores of 9k plus. So I started fiddling with cpu first and it went up a few hundred points, then started to ramp up the gpu a bit. So now sitting at these settings:

2500k @ 4.0
gtx 670 122% power target, 91clock offset, 200mhz memory offset.

*edit* forgot to mention, seeing the boost reach a max of 1198 using the evga precision software, core should be 1006 so that seems pretty dam good.

My scored reached P8547 gpu score was 9127

Does this seem about right? and while were at if anyone would care to share there setup and scores
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  1. Your score seems about right, 3DMark loves cores so your 2500K may bring your score down alittle, but games will be excellent

    Here's my awesome score

  2. That seems about right. You've upped the clock to a little higher than a stock 680, and a stock 680 scores about 9100-9300 on the gpu score and it has more cores. I think you are good.
  3. That seem fine to me...
  4. CPU Cooler ?

    Stock < 4.0
    Hyper 212 < 4.5
    Hyper 612 or Scythe Mugen 3 < 4.7
    Thermalright Silver Arrow or Phanteks < 5.2

    I wouldn't try it with the reference model but here's what's possible w/ a 670
  5. I scored 9,660 on GPU with a Gigabyte 670GTX and AMD 965@3.9GHZ.
    My Combined Score is around 7900.
  6. It seems fine, i have a 3450s with an evga gtx670 and i get 7900 on stock settings

    In review we see with a overclocked cpu so no bottlenecking
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