How to upgrade a pentium 3 processor

how to upgrade a pentium 3 processor :bounce:
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  1. Buy a new motherboard and a Intel Processor... pentium 3 is...too old to even consider upgrading on the same platform.
  2. The P3's socket was discontinued a long, long time ago. I would suggest getting a brand new computer because I'm assuming you're using an equally old GPU and HDD.

    Also, I don't think the P3 used DDR3 memory, so you would also have to purchase new memory.
  3. Are you running Windows 98 or something? Best bet is to get a whole new computer. If you're lucky, the case might be reusable. Or do you mean Pentium G? In which case there is a huge difference.
  4. Nothing from a p3 system is going to work with anything from today. Toss it and buy a new computer basically. It's over a decade old.
  5. Hi

    last desktop Pentium 3 released 2002

    DDR 1 was just appearing at this time

    probably used PC133 SDRAM [expensive to buy compared to DDR 3 ]

    If it is still working and does what you need to do consider vacuuming out the dust inside the case and carry on using it.


    Mike Barnes
  6. What is your current PC specs ?
  7. Hi

    I wanted to edit my reply but was blocked

    new ATA/IDE Hard disks and DVD drives will probably work (max size of hard disk 8GB or 32GB probably applies)

    I have a very old Dell Optiplex GN+ 5200 Pentium 1 200MHz, 3GB hard disk, 96MB of EDO ram
    which I occasionally use to see if bootable CD's will still work on this old hardware
    I replaced the CD with a DVD drive.


    Mike Barnes
  8. You could run a very minimal Linux distro just for fun. Or you could run Windows 95 and play DOS games on it. It's not useless, but all you can do is word process and run DOS games on it.
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