How well will this run BF3 and Skyrim?

I know these questions have been asked 10000 times on this website, but how well will this system run BF3 and Skyrim, and various graphic heavy games?
My GF wants a small gaming computer but I have virtually no budget to build it for her, for various reasons, so I know its not going to pull ultra settings 1920/1080, but hopefully I could get like a playable 30-40fps on low medium settings. so here is what I could afford:

CPU:Intel Pentium Dual Core E5700
Motherboard: ASUS P5G41T-M LX PLUS Micro ATX
RAM: Pareema 4gb 2x2gb 1333 DDR3 RAM
PSU: RAIDMAX Hybrid RX-530SS 530W PSU (note the high wattage is for upgrade-ability in the future)
GPU: Saphire 1GB DDR3 128-bit 6670
Case: Fractal Design Core 1000 Micro ATX Case
Windows 7 Professional 64bit

IDK what hdd, were taking it out of her old computer because it has windows 7 on it, and she doesn't use it.

So what kind of performance could I see, if any, on various modern games?
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  1. Badly, to be completely honest with you. Depending on how low your budget actually is, I'd consider waiting for AMD Trinity APUs to be available, a computer with one of those, while I wouldn't be inclined to call it a "gaming system", its looking like that can roll out based on Tom's sneak peak at em.

    These are their laptop variants (the desktop ones set to be released in a few months will certainly be stronger), as you can see, its beating the pants off of Ivy Bridge's shiney new graphics.
  2. I wish I could, but like I said my budget is almost not existent, so a few of the parts (including the motherboard and cpu) I already own from a cheap build I did for myself a few years ago, but all I played was Fallout, Diablo and Battlefield 2. I'm mostly just changing the case, adding ram and new gpu.

    I'm not expecting much, 30fps is very playable in my opinion, plus BF3 low settings are actually nice, from my experience on my pc (I play on high presets though)

    You don't need a 2500k and dual 580's to be called a gaming system, she does play a lot of non modern games.
  3. I was playing BF3 on a 6770 with a 2.66 Core 2 Duo and even with settings as low as they'd go (at 1080p) it was frustratingly choppy. If your monitor is lower resolution than that it might be a little better but it'll be iffy.
  4. A few more notes.

    The Raidmax PSU is dangerous trash that needs to be replaced. See the PSU Guide linked in my sig.

    Win 7 in a laptop will be an OEM version. You cannot take it out of the laptop and plug it into the listed computer. It will not work, and when it connects to the internet it will try to validate with MS. This will fail and you could lose the license completely.

    The Win 7 on the HDD is licensed to that specific laptop, only.
  5. were not taking windows 7 off of a laptop, or taking it off anything for that matter, were taking her old hard drive, completely wiping it besides the os and few other necessary programs, and using it in her new pc, I cant remember what brand, WD or Samsung, i think, and its 7200rm 250gb, so I i feel it will be just fine.

    What would you suggest as a good cheap psu? I know its not good to cheap out on a psu, but I have a strict budget and she's on a "I want my PC now!" thing. I guess my pc made her tire of her xbox or something.
  6. Proxi is still right, I think. Unless that is a full retail version of Win 7 (not OEM from newegg or preinstalled from a manufacturer) it will choke when you change motherboards.
  7. Yea, but if its an OEM version of Windows, its bound to that specific system. Be it an OEM license from a Desktop or a Laptop system. I believe its bound to the motherboard, the OS on the hard drive will realize its not in the system its licensed to be in and may not function.

    As far as your girlfriend, not to give dating advice, but perhaps she should buy her own computer? I share anything I have with my boyfriend, but there are limits.

    As far as good cheap PSUs, Proximon has a guide on that link, its worth noting that he did point it out in his signature. It has a very comprehensive list of specific models of PSUs. I'd lean towards something like an Antec 380D Earthwatts at bare minimum.
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