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Hi all,

I've just bought an IBM Thinkstation D10 Quad Core 2.5GHz with 4GB memory, but the graphic card that came installed with it leaves a lot to be desired (ATI FireMV 2250). I'd like to upgrade, but I haven't done this in years and after a few hours of research my head is spinning.

My question is: with my computer's specs what would be the best GPU I could get for around $150-200 (less being better)? I might be willing to spend more, but I have a feeling my computer would bottleneck some of the higher-end cards anyway and I don't want to waste the money. I was looking at the GeForce GTX 560's and 560 Ti's, and also at the Radeon 6870's and 7850's, but again, not sure if I could even take advantage of the higher-end cards.

Physical size of GPU should be no prob, as this Thinkstation case is massive and has lots of PCI-E slots on the motherboard, and power isn't an issue either, as it has a 1000W PSU. It's sad to have this much potential with the processor and then have to play Shogun 2: Total War at the very lowest graphic settings. Please help!
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  1. Just read the "how to ask for advice" thread, sorry! More info:

    BUDGET RANGE: USD $150-250

    USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Internet surfing, gaming (right now Shogun 2, but would like to get Diablo 3 and Civ 5 eventually).

    CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: ATI FireMV 2250 and 1000W factory-installed PSU

    OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: IBM Thinkstation D10 Quad 2.5, 4 GB memory.



    PARTS PREFERENCES: None, whatever would work best

    OVERCLOCKING: No, unless I relearn how to do it (been 8 years since I bought a computer)


    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Needs to run quiet
  2. at 150/160 its the 6850/6870
    at 200, its the 6950
    at 220, its the 560 ti
    at 250 its the 7850
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    Performance wise, the 7850 falls between the 560 Ti and the 560 Ti 900 Mhz, the latter 2 of which are the same price ATM.

    In Guru3D 2011 Game Test Suite (common games tested include COD-MW, Bad Company 2, Far Cry 2, Metro 2033, Dawn of Discovery)

    7850 gets - 363 fps total
    560 Ti 900 Mhz - 372 fps total

    $200 560 Ti 900 Mhz

    $260 7850

    So call it a draw on performance but $60 savings is nice.
  4. Yeah, trust me I read that "Best Cards for May" article already, but I wanted to check and see what range of GPU's my computer can even handle. I could probably buy a $400+ card, but it would be a waste of money as I don't have the specs to even unlock it's full potential.

    Will a quad-core 2.5 with only 4 GB RAM get value out of a 7850, for example?

    DAROBA said:
  5. Ok, would this card be better than a 7850?

    It's a lower price than most of the 7850's I've seen, and according to some performance reviews it runs a little better. However, it might run loud and hot, and my case isn't set to handle a really hot GPU. Would a 7850 still be the way to go?
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