Could really use your ideas on a case

One item I try to buy once each time I build a new computer is a case, the one part that I KEEP TRYING TO BUY ONCE each time I do a build is the case and it never seems to work out, always find flaws and wind up needing/wanting a better one and the problem always is dust and crappy filtration and cooling/fans.

Just came across a company I never heard of (but i never do till i start on homework to build a pc) called NZXT

Everything sounded GREAT till like a retard I forgot to notice little part its a full frame and I'm looking for a mid frame. Was wondering if anyone has a case that's GREAT on the cooling/filtering part?

Does anyone know of a good case that keeps dust out pretty well, where the filter is easy to clean and its build for an overpressure so that at least your not sucking dust in but out?

Be grateful for any insight or ideas.

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  1. corsair 600t.
    and positive air pressure inside case should keep the case cleaner for longer
  2. Hi sebastian,

    I recommend you check out products from Fractal Design.
    Here is the Define R4:
    I just got myself a Define R4 yesterday and I love it :)
  3. Short answer:
    Corsair 600TM (is it "TM"?) is on sale at NCIX USA (*WATCH THE VIDEO):

    Long answer:

    We could have used a little more info:

    - what COMPONENTS do you have? (I assume a gaming rig with high-end graphics card)

    - are you planning to do any water cooling? (I generally don't recommend)

    - Do you have SPACE/SIZE limitations? (Mine goes in my computer desk and width is an issue).

    - do you have a BUDGET for the case?

    - Do you want to VIEW the components inside?

    - Does your motherboard support FRONT USB3? (if so make sure the case does too)

    That said, the CORSAIR 600T is a fine case.

    Here's some general tips:
    - PSU on bottom is ideal
    - some cases have built-in fans
    - for a GAMING system get a FRONT CASE fan as well if one is not supplied (4-pin for temp control, or quiet 16dB MOLEX or similar)
    - FRONT USB3 if supported on motherboard
    - side fans are generally a waste (also, always BLOCK any unused fan input with cardboard and tape or your air flow is not efficient)
    - make sure Graphics card fits (some leave a gap, some have removable bays)
    - Measure if needed (width/height)
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