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I5-2500K vs FX-8150 on a BUDGET!

Hey hey everyone, thanks for reading my thread!

I am currently trying to build a new gaming computer under a strict $700 budget (only possible due to BF sales). I came down to everything but I am just torn on which CPU/MB combo I should go with. Here is my specs-

Cooler: Corsair H60
GPU: HIS HD 7850 2GB
PSU: Corsair TX650
RAM: Ripjaws 1600 2x4GB (or 1833 if 8150)
Case: HAF 912

I'm looking for it to last me a good 2-4 years without upgrading (besides maybe CF) but I'm also a poor college kid under strict budget. This leaves me ~$250 free for CPU and MB.
I know that's not much room but there's a deal on NewEgg for i5-2500K plus EVGA P67 SLI for $250 after MIR. Then there's the alternative FX-8150 choice, with a better MB than the P67 to go along.

(For i5-2500K) EVGA P67 --
(For FX-8150) GIGABYTE GA-990FXA ??? --

So, is it wise to go with a 'better' CPU and a worse MB combo (2500K+P67) or slightly lesser CPU and better MB (8150+990FX or other rec. MBs ~$100)?

I won't do heavy 3D apps, pretty much focusing on gaming. I know 2500K is a better choice (durability/reliability) but that leaves no space for MB ($40 lol) besides the bundle. Would I be happy enough with the FX-8150 + a better MB or is the i5-2500K/P67 bundle better?

I plan on mild OC on CPU and GPU. Plan to record games (FPS, MMO) and some video editing. So if you've kept up with me until now (thanks!) would YOU recommend the i5-2500K/P67 combo or the FX-8150/990FX (or better) combo? Including a 2-4 year future-'proof'/upgrade availability..

Thanks for reading yall much appreciated!! Have a meaningful day :D
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  1. (Sorry for double post..)

    If you recommend the i5-2500K/P67 combo, should I invest in a z77 chip MB or would that combo last me a good 2-4 years?

    For example P67 vs. MSI Z77A --

    Is the z77 really worth the extra money and hassle? I kinda purchased the i5-2500K/P67 bundle already cuz it kept going out of stock... :( But I suppose I can cancel if MSI or FX-8150 is a better option for me...
  2. If this is for gaming you don't want BD. Just stick with what you got.
  3. 4745454b said:
    If this is for gaming you don't want BD. Just stick with what you got.

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  4. fx6300 is a much better buy for gaming than the 8150 and cheaper, too.

    I'd say fx6300 or an i5.
  5. Hmmmm now that you guys put it so simply, I feel like I went way too detailed in my question lol

    Then I guess I'll keep my i5-2500K order, but should I swap the P67 with the MSI purely due to the z77+PCIe 3.0 (and other features that I the newb don't know about)? I guess I'm asking if the i5-2500K will last me a good 2-4 years without having to upgrade, although I feel like you guys hate that future prophecy telling questions hahaa
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    2500k and P67 should be fine for awhile. PCIe 3.0 would be nice, but the 2500k only supports 2.0. P67 is still pretty nice. Unless the other board has something you can't live without I wouldn't worry.
  7. Z77 would be more upgrade friendly in the future, but P67 is plenty to take full advantage of the 2500K.

    Unfortunately the Bulldozer chips were a big bomb in gaming, so it's an easy answer. The newer Piledriver chips (6300/8300) can at least put up a good fight, but it's still i5 if you want best gaming performance.
  8. Great, that puts me at ease then! Thanks so much for the replies. And sorry for my ignorant lack of research but one more question..

    Say I choose the z77 board and 3 years later decide to upgrade. With whatever cpu Intel came out with by then, would the z77 chipset be able to support it? Whereas with the P67, I'd have to swap the entire MB for a new cpu/gpu, right?

    That's all I need to know, best answer to whoever! Thanks a lot for your time :)
  9. Probably not. Intel has a horrible track record of reusing chipsets. You'll probably need a new one.
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