Hey guys, i'm new to PC building and i know that there are a lot of threads about this question. But i just want to make sure if my Silverstone 750w strider gold will be sufficient for my SLI 680's? I got i5- 3570k OCed to 4.1GHZ. 1 64gb SSD, 1pc 1 tb HDD, and 1pc 2TB HDD. Thanks!
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  1. Gtx 680 Sli consume max 360W

    So your PSU will be ok .Its a 750 W gold rated and and can even deliver more power.

    Your I5 77W
    Gpu 360W
    1W Ssd
    30W Hdd (15 each)
    Maybe you add an Dvd 25W

    =493W + some oc with the CPU = 510 W :)
  2. Thanks for the reply prototype! I can save money then lol. Cause i was thinking if i buy a 1000w psu it will be tooo much. Thanks again!
  3. LooL .

    You dont need such a big PSU.

    Gtx 480 is the only card that will never need that PSU :D

    It consume a LOT of power. FYI just 1120W on 4x :D
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