CPU downclocks itself without permission!

Hello, i'm using X6 1090T @ 3.7ghz (CnQ and C1E disabled) with a MSI 990FXA GD-65 with the latest bios 19.9. When i open the computer for the first time (usually mornings), i see that cpu speed stuck at 800mhz, the speed which CPU decreases itself when CnQ is enabled. When i restart, it corrects itself automatically. I never had this problem with the old 19.6 BIOS. Yet, i've tried 19.7,19.8 and 19.9 ones, and all of them has the very same issue. Do i miss something or its the BIOS' fault? What should i do?
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  1. No idea, anyone?
  2. Try putting C1E to enabled, they could have screwed up the on/off values in the bios, but to be honest, I would leave it on, how often do you need the cpu at 100% clock speed, gaming/video yes, browsing etc, no.
  3. The new BIOS could be addressing an issue on the old. You might want to read any release notes on the 19.6 BIOS before coming to any conclusions
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