Any particular SATA cable ?

Had great help here over past week .. got my spec together for a new build, and the boxes started arriving today.
One thing I have not ordered .. which of course I will need is latching SATA III cables.

There seems to be plenty around the £1.50 range (Xenta for example) or at twice that price the AKASA range.
Is there any reported difference is performance .. or is one Sata III cable as good as another ?
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  1. copper is copper. the only differences are mostly cosmetic such as right angles or straight.

    now cheaper ones may not have a good "clip" or fit firmly in the port or hdd/sdd and may come loose over time.
  2. Not quite that simple ...
    There is virgin copper, OFC copper, and then how they use it ... capacitance, twisted pairs to remove inductance & interference etc.
    I ran the program to put DSL in teh UK ... and copper cable make up was a very big issue.
  3. geee thanks for all that. feel better now?
  4. SATA cables should come with the motherboard.there no reason to order them
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