Nanya CL2 PC2100 or Crucial CL2.5 PC2100 @ CL2?

i found some CL2 PC2100 memory for $66 made by Nanya. is this company any good or am i better off with Crucial CL2.5 PC2100 at CL2? and is it even really worth altering the latency settings?
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  1. You found it? I thought I did :)

    There's also Apacer, on the same site I gave you.

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  2. that is true, but i also found some on pricewatch before your link (probably from the same site).
    anyway, i think i've decided on the crucial.
    thanks for the help burger.
  3. mmm... tasty

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  4. Very, but silion splinters on the roof of your mouth are really bad.

    Quarter pounder inside
  5. true...
    but thats gotta be better than an intel/rambust supository

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