Making Printer Wireless using 2nd Router???


I hope someone may be of assistance. I have 2 main questions.

First of all, I have AT&T U-verse connected with the 2Wire wireless router/modem in my bedroom. I have my HP Photosmart C4280 All-in-one printer connected via USB to my older SMC Barricade Wireless Router in the living room.

The SMC Barricade router is not hooked up on my network yet. My goals are two-fold right now. I am trying to be able to print wirelessly from anywhere in my apt using either my MacBookPro (early 2008), iPad2, and/or iPhone 4. How do I add the second router (SMC Barricade) on my network so the printer can be recognized? I see an IP address for the printer but it is not working... Please help. My second goal is hooking an external harddrive to the SMC router...

Thanks in advance.
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  1. is the IP of the SMC of the same IP scheme than that of the 2wire?

    if you connect the Mac to the SMC via network cable and make sure you are not connected to the 2wire, can you print?

    If YES, the only thing that you might be able to do is connect the SMC as a AP (Access Point) via a network cable to the 2wire.
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply. The answer is yes to both q's...But the problem is that the routers are in separate rooms. The purpose of doing it this way is I only have room for the printer in the main room where the SMC is.

    Any other ideas??
  3. If you are trying to connect the SMC to the 2wire wirelessly, you are out of luck. the only way you can connect the two routers is via a network cable.

    you could use this router and use it in AP Client mode and connect it to one of the LAN ports of the SMC which you need to configure to work as and AP.
  4. So, this router plugs into my SMC... How do I set up the 2Wire for AP Client mode? I do not see it on the wireless settings page...
  5. the router needs to be setup as AP Client and afterwards connect it to the SMC
  6. thank you for your help!
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