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Hi.. I`m looking to build a system for audio encoding and I need an opinion about what cpu to choose.. here are my options :


Same thing about Ram.. DDR3 on 1600MHz or 2133MHz, and 8gb will be enough?
I`m using Ableton with some VSTs and fast track c400 for best quality of the sound, thanks.
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  1. I was going to say that it doesn't matter but then I looked at ableton and saw that it was extremely similar to Garageband and Reason and while conversion des not take a lot of processor power and not many cores (i5 is the same cores as i7) it doe not matter. Basically the more threads you have, the more instruments and tracks you can run simultaneously. I would say the i7 3770K is your best bet as it can be overclocked and handles threads.
  2. It's like you read my mind, but I needed a 2nd opinion.. thanks!
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