Is the Fx 8120 (AMD) good for gaming?

Hello! Im planning to buy a new computer which will allow me to play games such as far cry and planetside but i have a big question, is the Fx 8120 good for gaming + doing other tasks at the same time? I know that most games only support four cores BUT i just need some clarification on this issue. Say i was to run planetside (Which would use four of the cores) and then run teamspeak in the background, it wouldn't affect the performance of planetside as teamspeak is using a different core and not planetsides cores? Am i correct here or do i need some future education?
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  1. Multitasking,the FX 8120 wins hands down.
    Gaming,it's okay but not as good as the i5.Just google i5 vs 8120.The results are appaling.
    However,you remember that AMD runs hot and eats more power than Intel's processor.A good cooler is necessary for smooth gaming and light Overclocking.
    And technically about the cores you are correct.
    Just my two cents and no flaming over anything wrong!
    Trust me,I'm regretting why I chose the FX8120 over the i5 in this computer I'm using to type this now.
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