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My vga temperature is very high.It rises up to 92 degrees when I'm playing games.
VGA-Evga GT430 with heat sink and cooling fan
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  1. What chassis do you have?
    Does it permit enough airflow?
    How old is the graphics card?
    Open your chassis and check whether the GPU fan is spinning and unobstructed. Keep the chassis open and check if temps improve.
  2. GIGABYTE Luxo casing
    I checked those CPU temps are fine and fans working properly
    Graphics card is 1 year old
    What should be the average rpm of gpu fan??
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    CPU and GPU fan? Is it dust free. It really depends on the GPU. Try using your Nvidia control center to increase the card fan to max RPM. See if that makes a dif.
  4. They are dust free.I'll set GPU fan to max rpm.I've never done it before
  5. It worked!!now my gpu temp is around 76-84 degrees at maximum load.Should I keep it running at maximum rpm?? Will it harm the VGA???
  6. No it will not, but its strange that its running so hot. You could consider a better cooler later on.
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