Is this psu good?

NZXT Hale82N 550W is this psu good?

I cannot find anything about this model

or the xfx 550w core edition will be a better option?

i will only use one GPU and a i5 3570k with overclock

i will buy from amazon is that is any help
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  1. NZXT Hale82N 550Wbase on FSP psu..

    well, i don't really like fsp...the output quality is not very excellent..a little high ripple..

    I prefer xfx 550w core edition..
    XFX is a Seasonic OEM, excellent quality, and very excellent ripple supression. That 550W unit is stronger than many 600W units.
    It supports 44 amps on the +12V rail
  2. Both these are Bronze Certified but go for the XFX 550W core edition
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