New Mobo install, Stuck on Loading Operating System screen

Hello Hello,
Just upgraded to a gigabyte 990fxa_ud3, running a phenom 1100. I originaly was trying to flash a new bios when i came to this spot, which was also unsuccesful due to inability to recognize my flash drive correctly... Would read it as drive A, but didnt recognize the files on it....
This is also when i noticed that my main hard drive with windows on it wasnt showing up, while trying the same cable set that my back up drive worked with.
Any ideas? Im resorting to a new drive at this point and would really rather not... Thanks for your help
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  1. I just got done putting my harddrive that my computer was unable to locate and threw it in my roommates just to check if it was functional, and it seems to work fine. So i'm back to thinking its a bios issue now, but really dont know. Any help is appreciated!
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