Deus Ex Human Revolution Crashes frequently???

Im very confused why only this game crashes, even when game settings are lowered. I have a decent system and can play any other games with no issues at all. All drivers are updated.
Any help would be so appreciated. My rig: 2600k 3.4 cpu, asus 580gtx gpu, asrock p67extreme 6 mb, ripsaw 16gig ram, win 7 pro 64,
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  1. i have an issue with this game crashing also, as far as i can see only seems to be happening with nvidia cards (i have GTX570)

    Disabling DX11 and runnung in DX9 seems to be the only way of solving it :( goodbyes sweet tessalation :(

    Just have to hope that the new drivers from nvidia when they come out solve some issues, this included -.-
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