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Help my computer is not locating my xfx 6770 graphics card!!!!

GA-z68XP-UD3 is the motherboard I installed drivers and nothing is happening. Using windows 7 ultimate btw 64 bit.
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  1. Do you have the 6 pin power cable connected? Minimum 550W PSU?
  2. six pin yes, 750 ocz fully modular PSU. I do admit that I am using the on board hdmi connection to type.. I have an 152500k >.>.
  3. If you want to use a discrete graphics card then why are you using the onboard HDMI connection. Connect to the HDMI connector on your Graphics card and leave the one from the motherboard unused. If you do this the motherboard should disable the onboard graphics and use the Radeon HD 6770 card instead. The Radeon HD 6770 cannot route the video signal to your Motherboard HDMI output.
  4. Well you see I have used it before and it showed no video at all :(. So I assumed the issue is the MOBo.. took a friend and cousins 7xxx series card to test and same issue with them :(. Not located in device manager of course and same problem. So it is in the gigabyte boards bios.

    And does not look like you can disable it either >:
  5. on newer z77 and z68 mb there a setting to switch the first boot device (ipeg/pci-e/pci) iped is the onboard video.
    i would also check to see if there any bios updates.
  6. Bios is at the latest version btw updated it today. Yes smorizio you are correct mine is on PCI and from what I can tell even though it is switched on that.. the On board video still works. Basically that is what my problem is.. but there is some strange option to go and have it disabled when using something else so i'd need mine on pci-e 16x 8x.

    hoping it works trying now..
  7. i see in the bios init display first and set that to pci 16x, and I see under that on board vga and set that to enable if no ext peg..
    Well I go i go in and the video is at a nasty resolution >:?

    EWW... and still using the on board video connection I bet if I go the discrete it will be blank dvi or hdmi
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