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I built a computer with the following items

MB:Asus P8H77-V

Video Card: EVGA GTX 570 2.5gb

Processor: Intel i7 3770k

Ram: Corsair: 16GB

PSU: Cooler Master eXtreme 700w

Case: Cooler Master Storm Scout

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB

OD: Sony

I built it, every fan turns on but when I attempted to plug it into the monitor it had no signal, so I put in the speaker that came with the case, and it constantly makes the sound BEEEEEEEP BEEP BEEP. I understand that's a Video problem, so I took the card out and it still made the same sound, I am so confused. Please help me.
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  1. I have a warranty on all of the items, so returning them isn't a problem.
  2. Im sorry to report its a video probelm. By removing the video card you have confirmed it. If you removed the component in question and you get the same beep, both times the same test failed, just confirming that it is something with the video card. Test another video card if possible, try the video card in another PCI-E slot (if that is a option, and I dont expect any success) but that is about all you can do. Good luck with the return!
  3. I put it in the other PCI express slot earlier, and like you said it still does not work. How do I make it run off of integrated Graphics then? Like I said, it still beeps no matter what.
  4. So it has integrated graphics? Well then it could be a memory issue... Try taking the RAM out and see if you get a different beep. If you get a different beep then you know that the memory passed the test before.
  5. I took two RAM sticks out, now I get no beep
  6. I did every single combination, and I've figured out it's the 3rd slot on the mobo
  7. What speed is the RAM? Your motherboard only supports 1066mhz DDR3 and 1333mhz DDR3... so if you have 1600mhz memory, you could be running into a timing issue.
  8. See this is the problem with a Intel system... the motherboard has the memory controller on it, so you never know if the CPU clocks, Motherboard controller, or RAM will work right together.

    A BIOS update might help make it more stable.
  9. I can have 3 sticks in, (not in the broken slot) and it will not beep, if I have only one stick in (in the broken slot) it will beep
  10. I dont think it is the slot. I would like to say that it is the compatibility of the RAM.
  11. What would be a good type of RAM to get? Any suggestions?
  12. If you go to

    you will see a compatibility list... Take your pick
  13. Best answer
    See if the model number matches the compatibility list... And btw will give you better prices than bestbuy.
  14. Yeah, idk why i was looking at best buy, tysm for everything
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