GTX 670 emits continuous beep under load

OK, so I got everything for my new PC on Friday and put it together Saturday. It was working awesome until this afternoon. Before now I ran FurMark to make sure things were OK, and I didn't get any graphical glitches but I did get a really high-pitched beep from (I think) the graphics card (I disconnected the motherboard speaker and it still made the noise, so..). I kind of ignored it and thought it was normal since it was a stress test. I then downloaded and ran some intensive games (like ArmA II) and everything was fine. I didn't get any beeping until today. Today I overclocked it and everything was stable in FurMark (minus the beeping, no graphical glitches). It ran great in ArmA with no beeps until this afternoon when it started after about an hour to an hour and a half of constant gameplay. The only way to get it to go away was alt-tab out of the game or quit the game. So I backed off my overclock all the way back to stock, and it still started to beep without fail after only 2ish minutes of playing.

What I've tried to fix it:
-Back off all overclocking
-Unplug and replug PCI-e power connectors
-Turn fan speed on graphics card all the way up

The thing is that this happens in game even when temps are only in the low 70s which seems really normal considering that I was getting ~80-85 temps in game with only a slight overclock (which never failed even after several hours of nonstop play) before when I had the fan on a lower speed. It kind of seems to have a correlation to when GPU load gets to 98 percent or above it starts.

Any suggestions?
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  1. What is the brand and model of the power supply unit and graphic card?

    What is the base clock/boost clock that you are overclocking to?
  2. Powersupply is a PC Power and Cooling Silencer MKIII 600W. I currently have it at stock speeds (well stock overclocked speeds) which is 965 base 1045 boost and I am still encountering the problem. Encountered issue in gaming first at 965 base 1201 boost. Mem clocks were at 6.2 ghz.
  3. That PSU is manufactured by Seasonic as I just read on hardwaresecrets, so it shouldnt be that. It must be something else.
  4. That's what I was thinking. Might it be the card itself? I was reading somewhere else that it's possible the BIOS could be messed up... is that true? If so would it be worth it to reflash the bios on the card?
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    Your load temperatures seem quite normal for a card with a reference design cooler.

    Does your card manufacturer even have a revised BIOS for your card model?

    Have you monitored the voltage on the +12V rail to see if it remains within ATX12V specs when the beeping occurs?

    It should be within the +11.4 Volt to +12.6 Volt range. Anything outside of that is out of spec which means your power supply has a problem.
  6. Haven't looked at that... I will monitor it now.
  7. Hmmm, looks like it's staying put at 10.38V... not so good eh? So is that probably my problem? Also I'm using SpeedFan to monitor it, I should be looking where it says +12V: Right?
  8. termhn said:
    Hmmm, looks like it's staying put at 10.38V... not so good eh? So is that probably my problem? Also I'm using SpeedFan to monitor it, I should be looking where it says +12V: Right?

    SpeedFan is not a utility I trust. It reports 6.65V on my +12V rail.

    I use AIDA64 Extreme Engineer which reports 12.096 V for the +12V rail and I know that is correct because the motherboard manufacturer's own utility agrees with that value and so does the motherboard's own UEFI monitoring tool.
  9. Fixed it! It indeed had to do with power, but the PSU wasn't faulty... I had it plugged into a UPS backup power supply; plug it into the wall and bam! fixed! :D
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