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Hello everyone,
first of all I would like to start by saying that it is very possible that some of the terminology that I will use here won't be correct. I'll try to describe what I mean as intuitive as I can, but I'm not sure it'll be clear.

Alright, so I have recently moved to a new house, and in this case that means a new internet provider. I only have an internet subscription for now, no telephone nor television. The internet works when plugging an ethernet cable right into a port in the wall and straight into my computer, but now I want to set up a wireless network. My router is a Belkin N150, the product website can be found here:

Now, the manual says the following about the ports located on the router:

Connection to ADSL:
This port is for connection to your ADSL. Connect your ADSL to this
port. An RJ11 telephone cord is provided in the package.

Connection to wired computers:
Connect your wired (non-wireless) computers to these ports. These
ports are RJ45, 10/100 auto-negotiation, auto-uplinking ports for
standard UTP category 5 or 6 Ethernet cable. The ports are labeled 1
through 4, with onboard LEDs on the connectors.

However, as I do not have telephone, the DSL port in the wall is not on at all. I tried just plugging the cable into it and into the router, but that was not succesful. Now what I am wondering is, is it possible to connect this router to the internet via the ethernet port that is located in the wall? I'd really like to be able to not have to buy a new router, as I have previously used this one with no problems at all. It will mainly be used for 2 computers, sepperated by one (thick) wall, so yeah. If this router really won't do, could anyone recommend a decent alternative? I'm from the Netherlands, so although I can't order from sites like newegg, I could always look at the products and find something of the sorts.
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  1. OK, all of that is just a bit confusing. So let me ask a (what may be dumb) question.

    Are you sure your new house has DSL service? Why i ask is because that would come through a phone line (RJ11), unless the house has something really funky i have never seen one that came through an ethernet cable instead(RJ45).

    If you have some sort of Ethernet port right in the wall it would be something i had not seen for DSL service myself.
    And since you have a DSL router the only "in" port you have is an RJ11 phone cored and not an RJ45 ethernet cable, which means i can't see any way for it to work with that router because all of the RJ45 ports would be to send a signal out to something.

    Now if you happened to have a router set up for cable internet that may just work. Because the "IN or WAN" port on those is an RJ45, which means you could hook it in straight from the wall jack, then run the second ethernet cord from one of the other ports to your PC. But personally i have never tried using a cable modem with DSL service as they are SUPPOSED to use two different types of cords to get the signal to the router. That is why the whole ethernet cord straight from the wall thing has me confused a bit.
  2. Alright, well to start with, it's just me being vague, not you asking dumb questions. I just don't really know the technical specs and all that, so I don't know exactly how to describe everything. But uhm, I'm NOT sure my house has DSL service, I'm actually pretty sure it doesn't, which is the problem I guess. My providers website just tells me that I have fiber, but more than that I can't get from it. I called them the other day, but they weren't very helpful and just told me that as long as my internet works with a cable straight to my computer, they weren't concerned, or something like that. But uhm, so what you're saying is that I need to get a router that works with cable internet, so one that has a WAN port? My current router doesn't have a WAN port, could I instead like connect it to Port 1, then configure it as a residential gateway/wireless access point?
  3. If they told you that you have Fiber Optics I may be wrong but that is something completely different (and better) than DSL. And not surprising that their "tech support" was not much help, they rarely are.

    As far as setting it up as a wireless gateway hopefully someone else may know that, but i would have to say no. Putting the ethernet cord in any port other than the WAN port would be for something going out, so you would still not be getting the signal from the wall jack to the router.

    Does your wall jack look anything like this?
    That is a Fiber Optics (FIOS) connection i found a picture of online. Although i am still searching to see if a normal Router would work. the only thing i could find so far said that if it is Fiber Optics, you would need a special modem for Fiber Optics, this would have a WAN port that you could then run out to a router, and then a cord out from the router to the PC.

    I guess to truly solve this your provider is going to have to tell you exactly what you have, and also should be willing to provide you with such a modem. I have never dealt with any internet company that did not give me the modem for the service i got through them
  4. Hmm, my wall jack is actually inside the wall. What it looks like is 4 ports on total, of which 2 are for TV, one says internet and one says ADSL. The website recommends you to visit a different website that reviews fiber routers, the ones they list are

    Sitecom WL-309 Gaming Router-II

    Sitecom WL-350

    Sitecom WL-351

    Sitecom WL-312

    Netgear WGR-614

    Netgear WNDR3700

    Linksys WRT54G

    D-Link DIR-655

    D-Link DIR-635

    So I don't know if that would help anyone figure out what the specifications would be in order be able to make it work..
    I will give them a call tomorrow though, to see if they can advice me any better.
  5. They should. You are paying for their service and because of that they should help you with anything you need.
    Looking at just the first router on your list it looks like you currently have one made for DSL (a phone line) but need one made for cable (an RJ45 ethernet line).

    I would price those routers, i would assume the Netgear, Linksys or D-Link would be the cheaper types as they are well known brands used by many people.

    Then all you would have to do is have one ethernet cable from the wall to the WAN port of the router, then another ethernet cord from one of the (usually 4) ports on the router to the PC's port and other than setting up the router and any wireless security settings you should be set. (but check with you provider, this is not the normal set up i usually see. Normally it is wall to modem, modem to router, router to PC) But your service doesn't seem to need the modem if it already works straight from the wall to the PC.

    Personally I have that exact Linksys router sitting at my house (just stopped using it two weeks ago because my new modem from Time Warner Cable is also a wireless router so i didn't need it anymore) that i used with my cable internet for years and can say it is fairly inexpensive, easy to use and reliable.
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