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Just wondering - is the codename GK104 actually stand for a midrange nvidia series? Is GK110 the actual high end gpu? I'm kinda confused because people say that the GK104 is actually nvidia's mid-range graphics cards. However I heard something about Tesla using GK110 - is that architecture going to implemented only on Tesla or will it make it into a Geforce high end? Thanks!
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  1. It's still up in the air, but at this point GK104 appears to be true high-end, and many others are sucked in by traditional naming schemes. The GK110 that has been revealed is quite the GPGPU, but appears to be missing many things from the released processor die schematic (compared to other Nvidia die schematics they have released) to even allow it to perform as a traditional GPU (such as there is no indication of a raster engine for example.) That is not to say it is not there, or could not be added or implemented, but as of now there is just no OFFICIAL sign or any plans of GK110 making its way to desktop platforms.


  2. isn't GK110 always primed to be for desktops anyways? - no way their going to put this one hell of a beast in a laptop! Oh yeah I'm wondering - if they do make this GK110 for Geforce it could make the overcharge some people make on the GTX 690 ($1.5K) seem cheap - which obviously creates problems for nvidia in light of their inability to provide enough kepler parts. That aside, Nvidia did indeed announce the implementation of GK110 for Tesla. Since you mentioned the lack of a raster engine - it may point to the fact that Tesla is GK110 because Tesla series is about number crunching, not graphics - essentially a GPUPU. Thanks for pointing that out. Anyone who would like to put forth another hypothesis is welcome!
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