Will 9400GT card fit my computer?

Hi, i have a Gateway sx2800 slim computer, im getting a 9400GT normal graphics card (not low profile). Will this fit my computer? My motherboard is WG43M my power supply is 220W. If it does not fit, can i cut it open for it to fit?.

Also i have spare case laying around. It has a pretty new Cooler Master Rp-500-pcar power supply (500w). Will i be able to take apart my Gateway sx2800 and put it into my new case? Thank you
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  1. no it will not fit as it is to thin for a non-low profile card to fit, you will also need more then just 220W PSU to run a 9400GT.
    I am not a person to talk to on case mods so you might or might not be able to mod the case but how i see it it will use the other case and the 500W power supply as they will most likely be enough if not overly enough to fit the 9400GT graphics card
  2. if you have a spare case for room, why not. the 9400gt is an extrememly low powered card, so psu shouldnt be as much as an issue than it should be. ALL GPUs are of different size. find out the size of the one you want online, and measure your case from the back of the pci slots, to the first physical intrusion of the case(usually the HDD bracket)
  3. Will my WG43M be compatible with my Cooler Master Rp-500-pcar power supply?
  4. msazndragon said:
    Will my WG43M be compatible with my Cooler Master Rp-500-pcar power supply?

    power supplies fit all mobos. what kind of power supply one needs is dependent on what the user intends to do with the rest of the computer, assuming that the mobo is atx, micro atx or mini itx form factor.
  5. How much psu does 9400Gt require minimum?
  6. If you can get the motherboard as well as all of the other components out of your gateway slim and put them into the spare case you have, that would be a great idea.

    The power supply should work great, they are usually pretty universal.

    Your card will run on the 500W power supply, as it does not draw that much power.
  7. according to tech power up 132w

    meaning you have to have at least 11 amps on the +12 rail on the psu. i honestly do recommend buying a cheap psu as well thats decent.
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