Looking to upgrade my GPU for the first time

Hi, I'm using Gateway FX6800-01e series. The spec is in the link below

The only thing that changed is the power supply, mine died 2 years back so i upgraded it to 900W PSU. I'm looking to upgrade my graphic card from Radeon HD 4850 to Radeon HD 6850 or some others in the price range of 150$. So far this is the two I'm considering at the moment.

Will it works with my desktop or is there better option? I'm new at this so I'm thankful for any help.
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    ok, first of all check the space inside your case. By the specs I believe the depth is 11 inches, and if nothing is in the way the hd 6850 will fit just fine. Also check if the pcie slot is in a position where a dual-slot card can fit (no annoying heatsinks in the way). Finally check that your psu has all the needed cables (a 6 pin for the hd 6850)

    If you want a better card, right now i would suggest the hd 6870 for $20 more. (2 six pins i believe)
  2. The GTX 460 will also be comparable to the 6850 and about $20 cheaper... really it's just if you're partial to AMD or nVidia.
  3. IMO go the AMD
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  5. Check out '' too. They'll show you the prices of all online merchants for whatever parts you get. About half of my last build was cheaper elsewhere than newegg.
  6. Thank you for replying. I do have 6 pins power as my 4850 is currently using 6 pins and takes up 2 PCIE slots by itself so if 6850 is roughly around same size, it should fit.

    I'm more partial to AMD because my graphic card is like 5 years old and still haven't broke down until now(the fan is making loud noise lately). I usually just replace my whole computer but from asking around, my processor is still pretty good in this age so I'll save money by upgrading graphic card only.

    I had a look at 6870 and it doesn't look like it's much better than 6850 so i think I'll stick with 6850. Thank you for your suggestion.
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