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I'm planning to build a computer and I chose the i3 3220 ivy bridge and searched for a mono and found this one : so I checked its cpu support list here: and searched for the i3 3220 my problem is that I see 2 processors with the same name

1155 Core i3 i3-3220(P0) Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz BLK 100MHz 3MB 55W P1.30
1155 Core i3 i3-3220(L1) Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz BLK 100MHz 3MB 55W P1.20

the difference they have is that on the 3rd column inside the parentheses they have (P0) and (L1) and the bios number is different. What is the difference of (P0) and (L1).
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  1. appears that there's 3 different steppings of the i3 3220. i'd assume that one is from the engineering samples, another from the retail version & not sure what the third could be. think retail 3220'ss are the L1 stepping
  2. im planing to buy this cpu myself and i am also having the same problem. so did find the difference between them ( i3-3220 (N0), (P0) and (L1) )?
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