Need last minute PSU advice!

Looking to buy a PSU for my upcoming build:

Silverstone Grandia GD07B
MSI GA970 mobo
G.Skill Ripjaws 8 GB
LG Black 12x Blu Ray Drive
Seagate refurbished 320 gb Drive
Sapphire Radeon 7870

Right I'm thinking of the:

SeaSonic G Series SSR-550RM 550W


Rosewill Green Series RG630-S12 630W

The Seasonic is gold certified and the Rosewill is 80 plus certified, for whatever that's worth. Any thoughts on which one would be best? Or if these would be underpowered for my system?
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  1. Both are plenty so go with the Seasonic.
  2. The Seasonic is better because it independantly regulated, the Rosewill is group regulated.
    It uses Japanese capacitors (IIRC the Rosewill uses Taiwanese caps).
    Like you pointed out it is also more efficient.

    These reviews aren't directly comparable, but they should give a good idea of how each unit performs.
  3. I'm worried about your choice in CPU, what do you intent your build for?
  4. AlistairH1993 said:
    I'm worried about your choice in CPU, what do you intent your build for?

    Hah, I'm worried about it too now, but unfortunately I already bought it.

    This computer will primarily be used for surfing the net, playing movies, and gaming as well. It's going to be kind of a "jack of all trades" HTPC.

    I know now that I should have gone the Intel route, but I saw a great price on the 8150 and naively based my decision on the Passmark CPU Benchmark chart versus the practicality of what I wanted to do.

    Lesson learned.
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