Question about a specific model of GTX 570 (EVGA 025-P3-1579-AR GeForce GTX 570)

This is the card I'm looking to purchase. EVGA doubled the Vram for this model. I, however, do not intend to use more than my 22" monitor. I read some comments when I was researching this model and one poster said that the double memory is for people that use multiple monitors and game won't utilize the extra Vram if you're only using one monitor.

Is this true?

Also, for $309, I figured that is a really decent price. I'm in the market for a video card and my budget is about $400. Coming in nearly $90 less than that is great! If anyone else has any input or suggestions, I would appreciate it.

I also wasn't able to find benchmarks for this specific model.

Thanks again!
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    If you CAN spend $400 DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY go for the GTX 670!
    Got this card and so far I've had little complaints... it runs a little on the hot side but not bad if you're not afraid to crank up the fan a bit:
  2. I see some of those GTX 670s are 254 bit ddr 5 compared to the gtx 570 320 bit.

    Everything I've read suggests that the larger size should allow for faster memory flow? But it's only ever theorized and no real hard evidence?
  3. That doesn't mean nearly anything when balanced with how much performance increase you get with Kepler. If you're looking at HWCompare then you're looking at the wrong place. Look at some real benchmarks. The 670 performs almost at 680 level! the 670 is MUCH MUCH faster. Everyone is way too worried about how much VRAM something has these days. If you have only one monitor then 2GB is PLENTY and for most things 1GB is GREAT!
  4. Listen to term. Hes telling truth. i use the GTX 670 and don't have any issues with memory. I can handle BF3 on ultra just fine. 256 bit memory interface doesn't change performance for me
  5. Roger. Thanks for the tips. I didn't even realize I could get the GTX 6 series (some) for around $400. I'll look more into them.
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  7. Thanks for the replies. I went with the GTX 670 and have had a chance to test it in BF3, Metro 2033, and GTA:EFLC. I couldn't be happier with the performance.
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