My pc doesnt boot

Hey. I have a problem with my pc. I press the power on, the button stays red and the fan just kicks up and stays on.

it previously did work and it would turn itself off after a second. sometimes it would almost boot up before turning off. now the button is red an cannot turn it off from the button, please help
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  1. Need more information, system specs, and operating system.
    Case ?
    Power supply ?
    Motherboard ?
    Processor ?
    Please list make and model.
  2. Hy
    1) try to take out power cable and wait abou from 10-40mins
    2) try to clear your CMOS (Bios) by taking out battery, or jusing jumper
    3) make sure your cabels are in right positions
    4)check your cards (RAM, CPU, Motherboard, GPU)
    5) Clean your fans and whole pc

    Good luck
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