Can you dedicate more memory to radeon 6620g

I have a hp laptop wit a A8 - 3520M with a Radeon 6620g integrated graphics. On cpuid it shows the graphics has 512mb of ram. Is there anyway to dedicate more ram to the graphics to increase performance?
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  1. Dedicating more RAM will actually slow it down if it's a built in GPU which you have... 512MB is the max that there is... I recommend you to just put your VRAM at 256MB, dont have too but just for more RAM for application...
  2. I personally got the 3530mx and no you can't go beyond 512mb and by the way 256mb isn't enough event at low res. So your best option is looking at ram to improve performance but since you do not have a mx grade 35x0m you are most likely limited to ddr3 1300 but maybe you can look at finding kits that have better timings than stock. HP did make ddr3 1333 modules with timings but they seam to be very rare.
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