Pentium g620 vs g860

Hi guys
well christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat ... seriously though ive been asked what i want for the festive season and my current systems is using a pentium G620,8gb xms3 ram and a GTX550ti... im also using a 128gb ocz octane ssd and a 500gb sata II HDD for programs and storage ...all of this is in a NZXT M59 chassis and powered by a 500w OCZ stealthstream psu...
now ive seen the "Intel Pentium G860 "( ) which has the same specs as the g620 ( eg 3mb cache,32nm and 65w tdp ) however the clock speed is 3ghz compared to 2.6ghz with my g620
would it be worth upgrading the g620 to the g860 and would the extra 400mhz make any difference in terms of performance ?
also would the better clock speed increase my 6.4 experience index cpu base score ....
obviously a core i3 or i5 would be the prefered choice of upgrade ,however at this current time its outside my budget ..... and the G2120 ivybridge pentium is nearlly the same price as the ivybridge core i3 3220 so thats out of the question
so would it be worth upgrading to the G860 or would it be a waste of time and show no performance increase
any feedback will be much appreciated
cheers guys and happy xmas !
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