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i just bought a new laptop and installed world of warcraft but my grafix card keeps not resopnding then windows gets it to respond and it keeps on happening i never had a radeon card before and though i would try it out and see if it was better than nvada but so far it sux my drivers are all up todate to and it still dose it when it first happened to me my laptop froze on me making me have to turn off the computer but now it just goes from black screen to the game can anyone help me the card that i have according to my device manager is AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics plz help
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  1. Please use punctuation.

    Can you contact the company that you bought it from and go on a live chat or call them?
  2. some newer laptops have both intel and amd chipsets on them.the intel video is used to save battery power. sometime you have to chage a bios setting to force these new laptops to use just the gpu chip.
  3. i have contacted the company and still haven't heard back from them... and i don't have an intel chip it is an amd chip
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