Sx2800 graphics card recommendation

Hello I have a Sx2800
I believe it has a 220 w power supply and very slim.
I been reading the older post of what graphics card to get with the sx2800 but they are all either outdated or not made anymore graphics card. Is there any good gaming graphics card for the sx2800 for 2012. Thanks
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  1. Well the two things that are hurting you are one is you need a lowprofile card and second your PSU is very low. I don't know the amps on your 12v rail. You would have to get those numbers off of the PSU.

    The numbers on the PSU should look like this 3.3v = 14a + 5v = 16a + 12v = 14a so I would need you to get all the numbers on your PSU then repost it and then I will be able to say which card to ge or no card at all. Good luck
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