Finally - Need help with Win2000 drivers for SB!Li

Hi all.
I'm gonna install Win2000, soon, on my PC. I have SB!Live 5.1. I know that there are problems with the SPdif out - with this OS. I also know that there are MANY patches, Asian Drivers etc that are circulating, here and there, saying that they might solve the problem. Please I'm so confused....
First of all, do I have to install the LiveWare 3.0 for Win2k? I know the drivers that come with this Liveware don't support Spdif/DTS. So, what exactly should I do? Some people suggest to install only the drivers. But which drivers? The Asians? Anyon knows any URL? And if I install all the drivers, How will I manage to change my configurations? (2-4-6 speakers???)
thanx in advance

Blue Skies Bring Tears
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  1. stark,

    When installing the Liveware 3 sw & drivers - especially for Win2K - be very, <i>very</i> careful. I have had unbelievable problems with them, to the extent that I would rather use the driver that ships with Windows 2000 even if it means sacrificing extra features. At least it works.

    Look out for other posts from me on what I mean by unvelievable problems.

    - Voodoo
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