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Best processor for software developers?

I do not play games but i do programming in visual studio, which processor is best for me ? till date i have finalized 2 of them 1) i5-3570k 2)i5 2500K

I dont think i need to do over clocking, perhaps overclocking is required only in advance games.

My second question is if i buy any of following
1) i5-3570k 2)i5 2500K
will i need to buy separate graphix card (I dont play games)? and will i have to buy some advance or costly cooling system or fans?
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  1. no one on this forum can help???? its strange
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    There is not much of a difference between the CPUs in terms of sheer performance; though, the Ivy Bridge's CPU is marginally better. They are both really great quad-core processors, however I would be more inclined to purchase the Ivy Bridge CPU because of the lower power consumption...

    I have the 3570K in my computer, and it is a great choice. You are dealing with a win-win situation here.,3142.html?prod%5B5755%5D=on&prod%5B5760%5D=on

    EDIT: I took the liberty of comparing the two processors upon myself. :)

    EDIT2: I just realized you mentioned something about the graphics, to which I will respond with "no, you don't need a graphics card". This comes with the HD4000 integrated graphics (even better than the HD3000), which is even more of a reason to buy it. Unless, of course, you intend on playing games at really high resolutions, and expect a high frame-rate.

  3. Thanks Golden, i am gonna buy 3570 k ,the ivy bridge is latest. can u tell me which is the best motherboard to be used with processor?
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