Computer wont allow two monitors, worked fine earlier today

I've been using two displays for a few months now, with no problems. Today, randomly, my second monitor won't receive a signal. I take out the monitor that's working, and the second monitor works perfectly fine. Plug the first one back in and the second monitor turns off. The first monitor is on a vga to dvi converter and the second on an hdmi to mini-hdmi. The card is a GTX 560. When displaying the second monitor only, Nvidia recognizes it as 'digital display'.
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  1. Hi

    If you go into the nvidia control panel (right click desktop and choose nVidia control panel) and then click on Set up multiple Displays, are both your monitors listed there?
  2. Nope, only one at a time. If I only have the hdmi monitor plugged in it works fine and shows up. but if I plug in the dvi monitor, the hdmi monitor is disabled and isn't recognized anymore.
  3. That's strange, have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the graphics driver?
  4. Yep, I've rolled back the drivers and then back forward again. Neither worked.
  5. Any help? Still no solution.
  6. Try different monitors and cables if you can.
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